IT Solutions

Good Guys Technology consulting and IT Support.

Integrated solutions to manage your documents.

Monthly payments/subscriptions with support 24/7.

Dedicated team and technology to manage your documents via proven devices.

Guarantee security and safety of your information.

Our goal is that every member of your team has the document flow and information security required to process their daily activities.

IT Solutions that work with government agencies, non-profits and private enterprises.

Authentication devices in your office equipment for individual set up rules / Follow-me technology/ Budget control / Scanning security by department/ Budget Setup by Department or units.

In addition to IT support, Good Guys supports the following Document Workflow applications and business phone systems:

Epson Document Capture Pro (DCP)

Feature-packed and free scanning and filing utility that is included with many of the Epson WorkForce Pro Business Inkjet systems.

Document Capture Pro lets users setup different scanning functions such as 2-sided, blank page removal, searchable PDF or OCR scanning to Word, PowerPoint or Excel file formats and blank page removal.

WorkForce devices with their document to scan

WorkForce’s touchscreen for their computer and the specific scan functions created in Document Capture Pro.

Epson Remote Services (ERS)

Free cloud-based fleet monitoring data collection utility that provides monthly meter counter reports, supplies status, service alerts, remote printhead management.

Epson Print Admin (EPA)

Login controls with name/password, PIN number and card readers.

Authenticated users can use the printer.

Avoids losing confidential documents.

Controls scanning to personal folder or email. Follow-me print. Provides cost accounting to user or group, not machine.

Kyocera PinPoint Scan

Provides scanning to local email address with MS Outlook integration.

See Outlook file open on their PC with the scan attached ready to write the email and send.

PinPoint scan supports scan output to text searchable (OCR) PDF and network folder selection at the copier’s touchscreen.

Integrates with DropBox, Google Drive and MS OneDrive.

Kyocera DM Connect applications

Store scans in server/shared directories, email, FTP sites and SharePoint, not individual workstations.

Implements workflows for groups or organizations. Output documents as encrypted, image or text searchable PDF.

Browse subfolders on panel, file name input or select common names from list.

Blank page removal, split by page number or file size, document stamping, multi-destination routing.

Advanced DM Connect system outputs documents to MS Excel, PowerPoint and Word formats for editing.

Utilizes 1D barcodes for routing, splitting, and file naming. Connects to database via ODBC or Document Management with XML sync.

Kyocera Fleet Services (KFS)

Provides real time device diagnostics and alerts.

Ongoing monitoring of supply levels and meter counts including three-tier color billing.

Remote administration of firmware upgrades and device settings.

KFS provides customer portal for access to analytical data and detailed reporting.

KFS provides monitoring for any SNMP compliant printer or copier MFP.

Kyocera Tiered Color Monitor

Allows for easy and simple verification of output tier and color coverage.

Users are able to determine the exact cost of their color print prior to print outs.

Good Guys/ABS

Provides office phone repair

New telephone installation,

Data cabling and telephone wiring

PBX telephone systems

VOIP telephone systems and telephone system relocations.

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