Our Story

In the 1980’s, we initiated our careers working with new start-ups in Silicon Valley, California.  While in California we worked on research and development of new technologies. New technologies led us to commercialize amazing printing equipment and we accepted offers to come work in North Carolina. Soon the mountains, the sea and climate conquered us to stay in NC. By 2016, we decided to begin our own story and registered Good Guys Imaging Systems basically because we realized that our offers to customers needed to reflect the true spirit of partnership.

Partnership also motivated by our passion for helping people, their quality of life and to offer a working environment that inspires to share and grow to our maximum potential.

“Good Guys” because we must live up to being the good guys that serve our community.  

Based in North Carolina and serving the USA, Good Guys Imaging Systems has been growing its business by servicing the B2B channels: Innovation and value-added in the ways of processing their office needs and creating strong and trustworthy relations with small and diverse businesses including Non- Profits, Corporations and Government Institutions.

In early 2020 and driven by the need to help people stay and work from home, we launched Good Guys Imaging Systems’ website.

Since then, we have incorporated e-commerce to the B2C direct customers.

  • Good Guys (and ladies), that’s who we are!
  • Tell us what what you need and we will send you 3 free quotes
  • email us at: sales@goodguys.us or call us (336) 905-6933
Office Address : 3980 Premier Drive, Suite 110, High Point, NC 27265