The Truth About Inkjet Printers

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When comparing inkjet printers to competitive models, there are some common myths that need to be addressed. That’s why it’s important to take a closer look and examine the facts.


Fiction The printhead on inkjet printers frequently clogs or dries out

Fact Most Epson® business inkjet printers feature PrecisionCore® and DURABrite® Ink technologies, which help prevent nozzle clogs • Nozzle Verification Technology, the built-in sensing technology found in the printheadof Epson inkjet printers, monitors nozzle health and automatically detects and adjusts


Fiction Most offices use laser printers

Fact In 2018, 66% of office printer units shipped out were inkjet printers1
• The IDC projects that 71% of office printers will be inkjet printers by the year 20231


Fiction Inkjet printers are designed for home use, not high-volume office applications

Fact PrecisionCore printheads, featured on Epson inkjet printers, are designed to last the life of the printer, making them ideal for busy offices • PrecisionCore, the technology that powers Epson commercial and industrial inkjet printers, is the same technology found in Epson office printers


Fiction Inkjet printers are slow

Fact Epson’s PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology™ enables a fast First Page Out Time (FPOT) and fast First Set Out Time (FSOT)
• Practically no warmup time required to start printing


Fiction Inkjet printouts will smear

Fact Epson DURABrite instant-dry inks are formulated for truly touchable prints right out of the printer • All-pigment ink, designed for high-speed print jobs


Fiction The print quality from inkjet printers is inferior to that of laser printers

Fact PrecisionCore printheads deliver remarkable color and crisp, bold text • DURABrite pigment ink, used in Epson inkjet printers, provides extra-sharp text and vivid color graphics, even on plain paper

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Taken from The Epson Business Inkjet Team March 2021

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