Supply Chain Disruptions

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Our industry and the market in general, is having supply chain disruptions. Can the industry guarantee supply? No, the industry’s offer will depend on a smooth supply, and this is not happening at the moment because the whole world is lagging in production.

These disruptions are causing your distributors, dealers and resellers to have product inventory and pricing fluctuations.

Because of product inventory and price fluctuations, our industry cannot guarantee that product prices will not increase or that inventory will not change.

Production is taking longer-than-normal delivery times thus many of the products you want or need, are backordered. 

What can you do to ensure you finally receive what you need/require?

In order to mitigate these limitations, Good Guys recommends that you place orders as promptly as possible.

If prices increase following your order or items become unavailable, Good Guys will work with you to see that you receive options that best suit your requirements.
Work with us, talk to us P(336) 905-6933 to determine your needs for the next 3 to 6 months and place your orders in advance so you are in the cue as soon as possible.
Good Guys Imaging Systems is with you all the way until you receive your products, services and solutions. Please be open to consider other products or services, Good Guys can help you determine a similar product or service that complies with your requirements.

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