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Extend Epson® Preferred Plus Standard coverage with Return for Repair to a third, fourth, and/or fifth year4  

EPPDSKC1R – for EC-110, EC-4040, EC-C7000, C5290, C5790, M5799, ST-2000, ST-3000, ST-M1000, ST-M3000

Epson® Preferred Plus Warranty and Optional Plans Summary

From the included 2-year limited warranty to optional plans you can purchase for up to 5 years of protection, Epson’s got you covered. The included 2-year Limited Warranty provides Epson Preferred Plus Premium featuring Easy Exchange for Year 1 – at no additional cost. Year 2 provides Epson Preferred Plus Standard, which features Return for Repair.

Epson Preferred Plus Standard is world-class Epson service and toll-free technical support and return for repair. Once Epson receives the printer, certified Epson technicians will repair and return the unit1. Ground shipping is covered both ways.

Epson Preferred Plus Premium provides Epson world-class service and toll-free technical support and Easy Exchange providing rapid printer replacement, so there’s less downtime with a comparable or newer model. Replacement printer arrives Next Business Day2.  Use the replacement printer box to send current printer back. Shipping is covered by Epson, both ways.

Plans available for purchase:

  1. Upgrade3 to Epson Preferred Plus Premium, featuring Easy Exchange for Year 2 of included warranty.
  2. Extend Epson Preferred Plus Premium coverage with Easy Exchange for third, fourth, and/or fifth year4.
  3. Extend Epson Preferred Plus Standard cover with Return for Repair to a third, fourth, and/or fifth year4

1 Turnaround times vary depending on the issue being addressed. In the unlikely event the printer cannot be repaired, a comparable model will be sent in its place. | 2 Expedited shipping not available in all areas. Orders must be in by 1 p.m. PST for Next-Business-Day delivery. See limited warranty or service plan for details. | 3 Can be purchased anytime during the first year of coverage. | 4 Can be purchased anytime that you are covered under an Epson service plan. To a maximum of 5 years total. Each year of extended coverage can be either Epson Preferred Plus Premium or Epson Preferred Plus Standard. Selected coverage can vary from year to year.


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