Kyocera ECOSYS MA4500ifx – Monochrome, 47ppm, Multifunction, w/ DP, Copy, Print, Color Scan, Fax, (HyPAS capable),

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Kyocera ECOSYS MA4500ifx – Monochrome, 47ppm, Multifuncion, w/ DP, Copy, Print, Color Scan, Fax, (HyPAS capable)

Compact yet powerful, at 47 pages per minute the MA4500ifx speeds through even the toughest jobs with ease providing outstanding image quality to get the job done right.

  • Supports standard Print, Copy, Scan and Fax
  • Standard 75-sheet Reverse Automatic Document Processor
  • High resolution printing up to Fine 1200 dpi
  • Supports the latest enhanced security capabilities
  • Starter toner 6,000K

Model MA4500ifx part #: 110C102US0

Kyocera TK-3402 Black Toner for MA-4500ix, MA-4500ifx, PA-4500x

Kyocera TK-3402 Black Toner for MA-4500ix, MA-4500ifx, PA-4500x

Model TK-3402 Black toner standard yield Genuine Kyocera Brand - Estimated yield 12,500 pages @ 5% - Includes waste toner container.

Model Part # 1T0C0Y0US0



Kyocera 500 Sheet Feeder PF-3110, for: M3645idn/M3655idn/M3860idn/M3860idf/MA4500ix/MA4500ifx/MA5500ifx/PA4500x/PA5000x/PA5500x/PA6000x

500 Sheet feeder Kyocera  Item PF-3110 - for  M3645idn/M3655idn/M3860idn/M3860idf/MA4500ix/MA4500ifx/MA5500ifx/PA4500x/PA5000x/PA5500x/PA6000x

Item # 1203SA0K1

Good Guys Imaging Systems offers purchase and/or leasing information at (336) 905-6933 and



Kyocera ECOSYS MA4500ifx – Monochrome, 47ppm, Multifunction,  w/ DP, Copy, Print, Color Scan, Fax, (HyPAS capable), Free Shipping.

Configuration: Multifunctional Printer – Print/Copy/Scan/Fax
Pages per Minute: Letter: 47 ppm; Legal: 38 ppm
Duplex Print Speed: Letter: 23.5 ppm; Legal: 19 ppm
Display: 7” Color Touch Screen Control Panel (TSI)
Warm Up Time: 23 Seconds or Less (Power On)
First Page Out Time: Copy: 6 Seconds or Less (with Document
Processor), 7 Seconds or Less (without Document Processor),
Print: 5.3 Seconds or Less
Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi, Fine1200 (1200 x 1200 dpi) and
Fast1200 (1800 x 600 dpi) Interpolated Resolution
Memory: Std/Max: 1.5 GB / 3.5 GB
Dimensions / Weight: 18.7” W x 18.7” D x 22.6” H / 49.6 lb.
Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle: 150,000 Pages per Month
Electrical Requirements: 120V, 60Hz, 10A;
220-240V, 50/60Hz, 5.6A
Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC):
120V: 0.64, 220-240V: 0.62 kWh/week
Maximum (including Options): 120V: 1,197, 220-240V: 1,270 W
Copy / Printing: 120V: 619.6/622.6 W;
220-240V: 563.8/626.3 W
Ready Mode: 120V: 55.0 W; 220-240V: 56.3 (53.3) W
Sleep Mode: 120V: 0.6 W; 220-240V: 4.0 or less (0.6) W
Power Off: 120V: 0.1 W; 220-240V: 3.0 or less (0.1) W
Standard Controller: ARM Cortex-A53 Dual Core 1.4GHz (for
printing) & ARM Cortex-M3 100MHz (for energy saver)
PDLs / Emulations: Common: PCL6 (PCL XL/PCL 5c), KPDL3
(PostScript3 compatible & AES Support), PDF with KPDL3
setting, XPS/Open XPS, Common Image Format: TIFF (KPDL3;
ON), JPEG (KPDL3; ON), URF, PWG Raster, PCLm, World: IBM
Proprinter, EPSON LQ-850, LinePrinter
Fonts: Outline: 93 Fonts (PCL 6/KPDL3), 4 Fonts (Calibri/
Cambria); Bitmap: 1 Font, 79 Outline Fonts Graphics:
Supporting PRESCRIBE + JPEG image commands,
OneDimensional Barcode: 45 Type; Two-Dimensional Barcode:

PDF417 1 Type
Windows OS Compatibility: Windows 8.1, Windows 10
(32/64/arm64), Windows 11 (32/64/arm64), Windows Server
2012/R2, 2016, 2019
MAC OS Compatibility: Requires Mac OS X v10.5 or Later
Linux OS Compatibility: Linux Distro version: Debian 11,
Ubuntu 20.04, RHEL 8, CentOS Linux 8, Fedora 34, 35,
OpenSUSE 15.3
Interface: 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T(TCP/IP,
NetBEUI), 1 High-Speed USB 2.0, 1 High-Speed USB 2.0 Host,
1 Expansion Slot; Optional: Wireless IB-37/38 LAN (Approx. 98
ft Range & Wi-Fi Direct), IB-51 (Approx. 328 ft Range); IB-50
Mobile Printing: KYOCERA Mobile Print, KYOCERA My Panel,
KYOCERA Print Service Plug-in, Apple AirPrint®, Mopria®, and
Wi-Fi Direct1
Network Print and Supported Protocols: Network printing:
TCP/IP, FTP, LPR, Port 9100, NetBEUI, Apple Bonjour; Internet
printing: IPP/1.0 (Some 1.1 functions are also supported);
E-mail printing: Data printing of E-mail received data, Data
format: PDF, PS, Text, TIFF, JPEG, XPS, OpenXPS; Secure
printing: IPP over TLS; Web PAGE Function; WSD Print: WSD
Compliance Scan/Print; PDF direct print: Use “KYOCERA NET
Direct Print”, PDF Ver. 2.0, Encryption PDF, TIFF, JPEG, XPS
Mode; MPT Priority Function: 1) OFF, 2) ON, 3) Auto paper
feed; Pull printing: Option, Support with KYOCERA NET
Manager, Supports job selection and output by registered
user, Authentication from the panel or IC-Card authentication
kit (B); Connectivity: Plug & Play (USB), SNMP (Printer MIB
Support), HTTP (Command Center RX: web page), PnP-X (WSDiscovery for WSD Print Service), Apple Bonjour
Drivers: KX Driver, PCL Mini Driver, KPDL Mini Driver,
Windows Inbox Driver, Network FAX Driver, TWAIN Driver
(Network, USB, and BOX), WIA Driver (Network and USB),
MAC Driver, Linux Driver
Utilities: KYOCERA Net Direct Print, Status Monitor, File
Management Utility, KYOCERA Print Center, KYOCERA Quick
Scan, Web Installer, KYOCERA Device Manager, KYOCERA
Net Viewer, Quick Network Setup, Maintenance Menu, Wi-Fi
Setup Tool, Firmware Upgrade Tool, Remote Panel, Command
Center RX; KYOCERA Fleet Services (KFS) Ready
Additional Print Features: HyPAS capable3, EcoPrint, PrivatePrint,

Proof and Hold, Quick Copy and Job Storage3, Print

Priority Setting, Job End Notification
Local and Network Authentication, Encryption Communication
(IPsec, HTTPS, LDAP over TLS, SNMPv3, SIEM/Syslog, SMTP
over TLS, POP over TLS), Optional TPM (Trusted Platform
Module) chipset when UG-50 is attached, SCEP, OCSP/CRL
(CRL: W/option Memory), ECDSA, Secure Boot, Run Time
Integrity Check, Support for FIPS 140-3 (option SSD), Common
Criteria (ISO/IEC-15408/EAL2 W/SSD), HDD Overwrite when
optional storage device is attached, IPP over TLS, HTTP over
SSL/TLS, FTP over SSL/TLS, Enhanced WSD over SSL/TLS,
Scan Type: Color and Black & White Scanner
Scan Resolution: 300dpi x 300dpi, 200dpi x 200dpi(Default),
200dpi x 100dpi, 600dpi x 600dpi , 400dpi x 400dpi, and
200dpi x 400dpi
Scanning Functions: Banner Scan, Scan Resolution, Line
Skip, File Separation, Blank Page Skip Scan, WSD Scan (WIA
Driver), PC Send (SMB Version 3.0), E-mail Send (SMTP),
FTP Send (FTP, FTP over SSL), USB Send (USB), TWAIN Scan
(KM-WSDL Scan Operation Service – TWAIN Driver), WIA
Scan (KM-WSDL Scan Operation Service – WIA Driver), WSD
Scan (WIA Driver), ChromeOS(Scan) (eSCL), AirPrint (eSCL),
Mopria (eSCL)
File Formats: Standard: TIFF (MMR compression), XPS,
OpenXPS, JPEG, PDF/A, PDF (MMR Compression, High
Compression, and Encryption). Option: Searchable PDF, MS
Office File.
Scan Speeds: Simplex BW/Color: @200dpi and @300 dpi:
62ipm/42ipm; @600 dpi: 42ipm/22ipm
Duplex (RADP) BW/Color: @200dpi and @300 dpi:
27ipm/18ipm: @600 dpi: 18ipm/9ipm
Image Mode: Map/Diagram: (256 tones & 2 bits/dot (FM),
Text: (256 tones & 2 bits/dot (FM), Photo: (256 tones & 2 bits/
dot (AM), Text + Photo: (256 tones & 2 bits/dot (FM)
Continuous Copy: 1-999
Job Management: Address Book: 200 (HyPAS), Job
Accounting: 100 (HyPAS), Panel Program: 20 (HyPAS),
Shortcut: 6 (HyPAS)
Magnification / Zoom: 7 Reduction, 5 Enlargement Preset
Ratios, 25 – 400% in 1% Step Increments
Additional Features: Auto Duplex (One-sided to Two-sided
and Two-sided to Two-sided), Continuous Scan, Blank Page
Skip Copy, Line Skip Copy, ID Card Copy
Type / Capacity: Reverse Automatic Document Processor
(RADP) / 75 Sheets
Acceptable Originals: Statement to Legal
(5.5” x 8.5” – 8.5” x 14”)
Acceptable Weights: Simplex / Duplex: 13 – 32lb Bond
(50 – 120gsm)
Compatibility / Data Compression: ITU-T G3 Fax / MMR,
Transmission Speed / Modem Speed: 33.6kbps
Fax Functions: Fax Direct Tx, Fax Memory Tx, Scheduled
Transmission, Fax Polling Tx & Rx, Subaddress Tx, Subaddress
Confidential Rx, Subaddress bulletin board Rx, Forward Fax,
Network Fax Tx, Network Fax Rx, Shared Fax Driver, Speedy
transmission of Send Job (Scheduled Job)
Standard Paper Sources: Single 500 Sheet Drawer, 100 Sheet
Multipurpose Tray
Standard / Maximum Paper Sources: 2 / 6 Including
Multipurpose Tray
Standard / Maximum Paper Capacity: 600 Sheets /
2,600 Sheets
Paper Size: Standard and MPT: Statement to Legal
(5.5” x 8.5” – 8.5” x 14”), Custom; MPT: Envelope, Banner
Paper Weight: Standard / Optional Drawers: 16 lb.
Bond – 32 lb. Bond (60 – 120gsm); MPT: 16 lb. Bond – 110 lb
Index (60 – 220gsm)
Standard Output Tray Capacity: 250 Sheets (Face Down)
Input Materials: Standard / Optional Drawer: Plain Paper,
Bond Paper, Recycled Paper; MPT: Plain Paper, Bond Paper,
Labels, Recycled, Letterhead, Envelopes, OHP, Thin/Thick
Paper, Coated, Banner
PF-3110: Paper Feed Cassette (500 sheets x 4)
Paper Size: Statement to Legal (5.5” x 8.5” – 8.5” x 14”),
Envelope, Custom
Dimensions / Weight: 14.9” W x 16.1”D x 4.8” H / 8.4 lbs.
Print Management: ThinPrint (UG-33)
Security: Card Authentication Kit(B)
SD Card: 16 and 32 GB
SSD: HD-17: 64 GB SSD / HD-18: 256 GB SSD /
HD-19: 512 GB SSD
Wireless LAN: IB-37, IB-38, and IB-51 (does not support
HyPAS or KFS).
Additional NIC: IB-50 Gigabit NIC
Optional Memory: 2 GB DIMM Memory (DDR3)
Other: Scan Extension Kit (A), USB Keyboard
(Customer Supplied)
1 Requires Optional IB-37 or IB-38
2 Requires Optional Scan Extension Kit (A)
3 Requires SD Card, HD-17, HD-18, or HD-19

Model MA4500ifx part #: 110C102US0

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Weight 15 lbs


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