Bring Printing for Your Congregation In-house and Take a Load Off Your Budget

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This won’t be the first place you’ve heard this: these are challenging times for houses of worship. On top of the traditional trials of keeping a congregation engaged and thriving, the pandemic has brought a host of new hurdles. Perhaps yours is one of the many that’s had to pivot to services conducted online or outdoors, as well as to remote contact with members.

The impact is more than logistical: in a cross-denominational survey taken in July by Indiana University’s Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, 41% of the congregations surveyed reported a drop in donations in the early months of the pandemic1. And nearly half said they plan to cut their budgets in the coming year.

No doubt, you’re looking closely at your costs — including printing

Sure, you’re always looking at costs. But maybe it’s even more urgent now.

Can you cut printing? It’s likely a necessity to help keep your members active, responsive, and showing their support. Older members may be accustomed to connecting via printed communications. And, especially in uncertain and disconnected times, printed materials provide a physical touchpoint — a way to make faith and membership tangible, tactile, present. What’s more, a printed piece is immediate — it doesn’t hope someone gets around to visiting a website or bothers to open an email.

What if you could print your bulletins, contribution envelopes, programs, stationery, flyers, brochures, notecards, and more in-house — quickly and at a low cost? You can — here’s how.

Here’s your affordable, highly capable ticket to moving your printing in-house

Epson’s WorkForce inkjet printers are a great choice for just about any size house of worship. Why? For starters:

  • Printing is simple and hassle-free. Just format your digital file and hit “Print.”
  • Easy on service. Few maintenance parts can translate into low intervention and labor costs.
  • Quick turnaround. No need to wait on external vendors.
  • No print shop deadlines. Prepare and print on your schedule — it’s ready when you are.

Easy on waste, easy on energy

With few maintenance parts plus high-yield ink cartridges, the WorkForce Series requires minimal intervention. And that PrecisionCore technology I mentioned? Since it’s heat-free, WorkForce printers deliver the lowest power consumption in their class.

᛫ Epson ᛫ November 24, 2020

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