Epson Large Venue Projectors.

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Epson leads the market in Large Venue projectors, but with over 20 models to choose from, it can be hard to recommend the right one to your customers.
We can help you select the best PowerLite 4000, Pro G, or Pro Z series projector based on Brightness, Resolution, and Specific Needs for :
Retail, Entertainment, House of Worship, Rental and Staging, Higher Education, and Corporate Business.

First, which brand? Epson leads in both the projector market and in Large Venue Projectors. To really understand which projector to use for your Church, Business meetings, Retail store and other large venues, there are three first factors to take into account: Brightness, Resolution and Specific Needs.


One of the main needs is that the projector be the brightest, however as brightness goes up, so does cost. Additionally , customers want to keep the lights on, therefore Ambient becomes a factor. Thus the importance of understanding how “bright” will be enough for your application is a key factor. For example, the projectors have different “Lumens” (Projectors’ Brightness), the lumens are then measured per square foot. Thus how many lumens per square foot will be how bright the projector is. Most important is to understand the specific setting where the projector will be used. For instance, there is an emerging market for Churches to use projectors, thus, for a Church: the space is mostly in a very lighted “ambient” therefore it will require more Lumens per Square Foot in order to convey an incredible brightness with an impactful image and message to its audience. On the other hand, a business meeting room with normal ambient light, will usually work perfectly with less Lumens per Square Foot than a Church


Resolution is measured by how many pixels on a screen, more pixels equals higher resolution and greater detail. Epson’s projectors address a series of resolutions. Choosing the right projector then depends on answering the question: Which content will you be displaying? Content with high detail should be displayed using high resolution. For example, are you displaying Engineering drawings, Excel spreadsheets, Digital photography or a Full HD video at the Church? Is your business doing a PowerPoint Presentation with marketing charts, graphs and bulleted text? An additional and key factor to consider to obtain the best resolution is to understand which device will you be connecting to the projector? Typically a laptop, but then remember that the original quality of the image will be displayed, the images that fit the screen perfectly, will project better quality than if the projector needs to S T R E T C H (upscale) the image to fit the screen. It can also be that the source image has more pixels than the projector can display, in this case, the projector will have to SHRINK (downscale) the image to make it fit the screen. Ideally, the customer should ask for a demo before purchasing a projector. The best quality is seen when the projector resolution matches the source resolution, thus customer’s content is a key factor.

Specific Needs

Do you need to turn your floors and ceilings into immersive displays? There are projectors with specific features that will make you have a wonderful impactful display. Now you can project 360 degrees, horizontal or vertical walls and even use wireless projections to share your content. There is much more to show and tell about the projectors world!

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