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NAME: American Marketing Counsel

Epson’s WorkForce® Enterprise WF-C21000
powered by PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology™

LOCATION: North Chesterfield, Va.


Streamline high-volume printing for
direct mail clients at a lower cost without
compromising speed and quality


Epson’s WorkForce® Enterprise WF-C21000
powered by PrecisionCore Heat-Free
Technology™ provides speed, quality, and

21st Century Printing

Epson WorkForceEnterprise Inkjet Technology Replaces Laser for Direct Mail High-Volume Print Jobs

“With the Epson printer we focus on volume. We’ve printed over 160,000 pieces since we’ve brought it in,” said J.B Simpson, account manager, American Marketing Counsel (AMC).
AMC is a family-owned management consulting business for nearly 40 years. With a primary focus on the healthcare industry, the company ensures its clients are able toleverage high quality, full color direct mail pieces to reach medical professionals as candidates for employment in various positions. Because print quality, performance and reliability are the most important production features in direct mail services, AMC continually investigates other print technologies to ensure the company is always leveraging state-of-the-art equipment. After extensive research, Epson’s WorkForceEnterprise WFC21000 stole the show with its impressive 100 ISO ppm1and image quality with its PrecisionCoreHeat-Free technology.

Printer Works with You, Not Against You

More often than not, the printing solutions Simpson previously relied on caused numerous issues that interfered with the quality of the prints and prolonged the process to get the job done. After using the WF-C21000, Simpson immediately identified it as AMC’s “go-to” solution for volume printing. “In the past, when I used laser printers for volume printing, the paper runs hot.” said Simpson. “Epson’s inkjet printer technology is amazing because prints stay cool which is a huge plus to an operator dealing with volume.” Another major selling point for the Epson printers is its DURABrite® inks. DURABriteinstant-dry inks are truly touchable right out of the printer and are ideal for everyday text and image documents. “Never in the 160,000 pieces that we’ve printed with the Epson WF-C21000 have we encountered smearing issues. The black is actually blacker when printing on the Epson compared to our old printer. It blows my mind how fast it is. I love that with the Epson the ink is instantly dry because once I put the prints in the box, I’m confident there will be no smudging.” “I like not having to take everything apart. With our old printers, if smearing began or there was an issue, we would have to begin the process of troubleshooting. This can include checking the drums, toner, transfer roller, etc., which can be such a pain and can lead to making a huge mess which is troublesome when you’re printing on white paper,” said Simpson. “The Epson takes care of a lot of issues I’ve had previously with printers. It’s one of the few printers I’ve worked with that feels like it’s working with you and not against you.”-J.B SIMPSON, ACCOUNT MANAGER, AMERICAN MARKETING COUNSEL “The Epson takes care of a lot of issues I’ve had previously with printers. It’s one of the few printers I’ve worked with that feels like it’s working with you and not against you.”

No Supervision Required

When Simpson was using laser printers, they frequently experienced paper jams in the middle of a job. Paper jams require the operator to spend more time hands on, double checking the prints for duplicates or missing pages. Incorporating the WorkForce Enterprise WF-C21000 has helped Simpson streamline the printing process. “The number of times I’ve experienced a jam with Epson’s printer is minimal, I can count it on one hand. Even then, it was extremely easy to fix as the printer communicates with you to resolve an issue and the printer resumes right where it left off, helping us avoid mistakes.” In addition, the WF-C21000 has provided AMC with peace of mind when printing large volumes. “When running jobs on the Epson printer, I could walk away, and have it run the whole order without my assistance. I find this crazy because I’m used to sitting next to the printer and supervising the unit to make sure nothing goes wrong. This is a printer that doesn’t require supervision, which is nice when you need a cup of coffee or trip to the company library.”

Increased Productivity at Lower Cost

AMC has taken advantage of everything the WF-C21000 offers to help increase their productivity. “We enjoy the stacker the Epson printer comes with. I love that we don’t have to jog the prints ourselves, it pumps it out so quick. Having the jogger built in cuts down a big chunk of time and everything we’re uncomfortable with when working with high volume prints.” “The stapler is a plus, especially for those who are using this in an office environment. It staples in the blink of an eye. I appreciated that the unit came with staples already inside, and so far, we have not had to refill it.” The Epson also proved to be efficient in speed. “The Epson printer runs twice as fast as our previous printers. It in fact delivers 100 ISO ppm1, which is crucial when working with a large order. Prior to bringing the Epson in, we used laser printers that offered only 50-60 ppm, which isn’t nearly as fast as the Epson.” Epson’s WF-C21000 has exceeded AMC’s expectations for their scope of work. “The Epson serves its purpose and I think it can work for anyone printing high-volume. It’s been my favorite printer that I’ve worked with since I have been at AMC and easiest on the operator.”

“The WF-C21000 is everything it’s advertised to be. It’s so good we bought a second one. What else can I say?” concludes Simpson. “The WF-C21000 is everything it’s advertised to be…It blows my mind how fast it is…prints stay cool…the ink is instantly dry…it [can] run the whole order without my assistance…It’s so good we bought a second one.”-J.B SIMPSON, AMERICAN MARKETING COUNSEL

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the individual.
1 Black and color print speeds are measured in accordance with ISO/IEC 24734. Actual print times will vary based on system configuration, software, and page complexity. For more information, visit

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