Epson Enterprise Sustainable Business Color Copier

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Epson has been recognised for their commitment to sustainability. To further cement their credentials in this area, the launch of the Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM-Series, with award-winning, patented Piezo Heat-Free inkjet technology at their core, is the most seriously sustainable, feature-rich range of business colour copiers in their history.

Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM

The new 40-60ppm multi-function devices bring Epson’s most successful static line-head technology to the mass market enhancing the company’s offering and ensuring end users have the best product fit while still addressing and staying true to the company’s sustainability agenda.

Inkjet technology uses one quarter of the energy compared to laser and with a compact footprint and a lightweight design, these products help limit resources used during production and shipping. The energy metrics was determined from comparing Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM-C4000 with 34 competitive laser devices (35 to 45ppm A3 colour MFD segment) as at 14 March 2023 according to data from Keypoint Intelligence.

This reduced size also means they easily integrate into any office and save on space. High yield ink cartridges also reduce material usage, office disruptions, shipping, storage and end-user management of consumables.

The new WorkForce Enterprise AM-Series represents a significant shift in Epson’s printing strategy, fully supporting the company’s commitment to sustainability and coincides with Epson’s recent announcement of its ¥100 billion (AUD$1 billion) investment into sustainable innovation.

The launch of these products accentuates laser technology’s limited ability to make significant steps towards improved sustainability due to its ongoing requirement for heat during the print process and relative increased energy use.

This combined with fewer moving and consumable parts to replace over the lifetime of the printer compared to lasers, also means service and maintenance needs of Epson inkjets are substantially reduced, along with resulting printer downtime improving productivity and user satisfaction.

The new WorkForce Enterprise AM-Series now completes Epson’s business inkjet line up from small workgroup units to high-speed production machines – meaning that no matter the business function or print demand, there is a product that suits.

With a full range of support from Managed Print Service and Print Admin packages through to Remote Service solutions, these products truly enable a low maintenance, high quality, reliable, sustainable print system.

Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM


  • Most compact footprint in class and significantly reduced weight
  • Modular design with the ability to upgrade the device as your office applications change over time
  • 10.1-inch (25.65 cm) interface panel – smarter and more intuitive with eco print settings
  • Simple and easy to use with auto paper size detection and self-closing paper cassettes
  • Easy loading, compact high-capacity ink cartridges
  • 2,000 sheet paper cassette capacity
  • Reduce downtime – Designed for easy internal access and quick and efficient routine maintenance
  • 60ppm / 120 ipm scan capability and optional OCR feature
  • Optional inner finisher – compact and space saving to compile and staple documents. Also available with optional hole punch
  • Optional booklet outer finisher – to provide stapling, hole punching, saddle stitching, and centre and tri folding
  • Open platform for compatibility with supported MPS providers and ISVs

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