Epson® 44″ SpectroProofer UVS SPECTRO44UVS



High performance in-line spectrophotometer developed jointly with X-rite. Allows for automated color measurement directly within the printer itself. Simple installation process.


  • Model: SPECTRO44UVS 



An optional high performance in-line spectrophotometer developed jointly with X-Rite. Provides automated color measurement directly on supported Epson SureColor P-Series printers when driven by a supporting 3rd party workflow RIP. Features software selectable illuminance between M0, M1 and M2. This product includes a 1 year warranty. Extended warranties are available from Epson

  • Model: SPECTRO44UVS

See compatibility in the “works with” section below.

Works With
Large Format Printers

SureColor P7570 24″ Wide-Format Inkjet Printer
SureColor P9570 44″ Wide-Format Inkjet Printer
Epson SureColor P9000 Commercial Edition Printer
Epson SureColor P9000 Standard Edition Printer
Epson SureColor P8000 Standard Edition Printer

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Weight 30.00 lbs


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