Ricoh, Fujitsu fi-8950, ulta-fast scans, 150 pp/300 ipm, A3, landscape, color, 200/300 dpi, centralized scanning, new scanner, similar to Fi-7900




Ricoh, Fujitsu fi-8950, ulta-fast scans, 150 pp/300 ipm, A3, landscape, color, 200/300 dpi, centralized scanning,new, similar to Fi-7900

  • High speed and volume scanning to endure daily duties
  • Unlocking work efficiency of job operators
  • Usability-first design for smooth operation

Enhanced productivity, ideal for large daily duties The fi-8950 achieves a scanning speed of 150 ppm/300 ipm (A4 landscape, color, 200/300 dpi), and is highly optimized for centralized scanning.

Increase work efficiency with exceptionally accurate feeding Offering two novel functions, the scanner realizes stable paper feeding performance, even for high-volume scanning with a mixed batch. Automatic Skew Correction corrects the skew of documents one by one before feeding. To prevent stapled documents, which are easy to overlook from being damaged when batch scanning, Stapled Documents Detection detects stapled documents regardless of where the staple position is and stops document feeding immediately.

Designed to prioritize operator usability The scanner can handle a wide variety of documents. The Dual Path Mechanism enables switching of the ejecting paths. Documents up to 1.25 mm, such as cardboard envelopes can be scanned with Straight Scan, while the U-turn Scan enables continuous scanning for standard documents. Manual Feed Mode scans bi-folded and multi-layered documents as is. The paper ejection control after scanning has been well-improved. Even when scanning at higher speed, documents are neatly stacked in order, since the scanner quickly controls the paper output speed by identifying each document’s size and position. With the improved ejecting abilities, even folded or curled documents, which tend to cause paper jams at the paper outlet, are handled smoothly. Operators can collect scanned documents without fuss or hassle. The scanner also comes with a 4.3-inch touch screen for easier operation, and it supports LAN and USB 3.2 connectivity.

Effective data utilization combined with the PaperStream Series The scanner driver, PaperStream IP, automatically produces clear image data and supports OCR accuracy. The powerful capture software PaperStream Capture efficiently feeds information into organization workflow by automatically utilizing data extracted from barcodes and zonal OCR, further streamlining mundane tasks

Model: PA03830-B005




Ricoh, Fujitsu fi-8950, A3 document scanner,  heavy duty scanning, new, similar to Fi-7900

Unlock work efficiency with ultra-fast scans to endure daily duties
The fi-8950 is an A3 document scanner highly optimized for heavy duty scanning. The scanner comes with features that help reliable scanning, such as Automatic Skew Correction and Stapled Documents Detection. As an ideal model for scanning a large volume daily, the scanner offers speeds of 150 ppm/300 ipm (200/300 dpi, color, A4 landscape), loads up to 750 sheets at a time, and is capable of scanning up to as many as 130,000 sheets a day.

Automatic Separation Control function and Automatic Skew Correction to ensure stable feeding
Stapled Documents Detection stops feeding of stapled documents immediately
Enhanced paper ejection control for easy paper collection from the stacker
Scan a wide variety of documents with just a switch to the Manual Feed Mode and the Straight Scan
User-friendly 4.3-inch touch screen for easier operation
Easy daily cleaning
Supports both LAN and USB 3.2 connectivity
Scanner Central Admin Desktop that enables central management of scanners without a server
Optimized high-quality image data with “PFU Clear Image Capture”
Comes with PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture providing advanced image processing functions, with PaperStream Capture Pro software as a premium option
PaperStream ClickScan also available for ad-hoc use to scan in 3 simple steps


Model: PA03830-B005

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Weight 70 lbs


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